Network Administration & Security

Working closely with our support team, our network administrators at the very heart of what we do. Networks are the building blocks for all IT systems. The ongoing maintenance and support of these systems is paramount in ensuring maximum uptime and limited disruption to the business.

CHS Networks specialise in the design, implementation and more importantly the management of these networks. Our dedicated and skilled team of network engineers support and maintain all the crucial hardware and software that go to make up your infrastructure including firewalls, switches, wireless and power systems.

By working with leading software vendors we have developed comprehensive monitoring software and services to ensure your network is performing at its optimal and in good health at all times, monitoring also allows us to be proactive in our approach to maintenance and support. 

IT Security has always been an important part of any system. With the emergence of social media and the use of smart phones, it is more important than ever before. It’s vital that businesses have the correct strategy and procedures when it comes to anti-virus, spam and remote access solutions.

Has your company ever been a victim of cyber theft or malicious activity?

Organised criminals are releasing increasingly sophisticated software. Even governments have recently admitted that they are engaged in cyber warfare following attempts to discover the source of the Stuxnet virus first detected in 2010.

Ensuring your organisation has the correct hardware and software can combat the ever increasing threat of cybercrime to UK businesses. By having effective processes and procedures in place, you’ll be better equipped to deal with and react to any breaches in security.

Thanks to our extensive product and knowledge gained over years of experience working with IT security, we can advise your business on how to deal with this digital threat.


“CHS Networks identified and rectified problems with our network allowing our systems to operate as they should - Print South East. ”
Did you know:
Cyber crime is set to increase by 30% in 2017. Ask how we can protect your business...
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